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Fri, Jun. 20th, 2014, 05:18 pm
bebe_de_lune: Seeking new LJ friends

I am 31, living in Ohio on my own with my 3 cats (Luna, Winter, and Cheese) and currently struggling with extreme social phobia issues (sometimes it may look like agoraphobia when I barely leave my house). I am quite melancholy at times and a tad misanthropic. I deal with depression and anxiety. Am diagnosed bipolar and more than likely have avoidant personality disorder. I'd be asking for more friends from addme_sane but not many new people post there anymore. Would just love some people to talk to!

My interests include *but I rarely get to do much when I end up with a few dollars to my name each month and am too afraid to go outside*:

* Crafting/Up-cycling (I mostly pin stuff in Pinterest lately that I wish I could do)
* Obsess over my cats (and plan to move again in a year or so into a bigger place to "catify" for them)
* Faeries/Mermaids/Elves (mythical beings)
* Paganism (though sometimes I have atheistic/nihilistic tendencies in my thoughts)
* Letter writing (pen pals etc)
* Dreams (I have a journal dedicated to them)
* Music (from Disturbed to Imogen Heap to Ellie Goulding to A Perfect Circle -- just in general A LOT)
* Cooking/food/foodie (I <3 pinning food stuff on Pinterest as well)
* Exotic animals and pro-private ownership (I hope to someday own a capuchin monkey)
* Reading when I can (mostly non-fiction)

Check my list of interests for more and I have my GoodReads profile linked to here, so you can see what books I have read or am reading!