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Fri, Feb. 5th, 2016, 12:02 pm
evilgrins: Rush Job

Been meaning to post this a few weeks but keep not, which fits my LJ habits in general the last few years.

I've been on LJ close to a couple decades, on some account or other, and while I used to post to communities and my journal an insane amount of the time daily... nowadays it generally more like monthy, and even then mostly to my own stuff.

Said stuff being my communities, I used to maintain about 100 of them and while they're not at all active anymore... they're still there.

Got a Twitter. I'm a twit. What I post to my journal doesn't goto it, because what gets tweeted goes to my journal. Handy way for others to see what I'm doing in my communities that friended me but haven't joined them.

Anybody welcome to friend me. I'll probably friend you back at some point... gives me some more people to reply to.

Oh, I'm a huge goofball and a bit of a slut. Don't take that last bit wrong, I'm a guy. Read the forward to The Ethical Slut sometime, it'll all make sense.

Fri, Jun. 20th, 2014, 05:18 pm
bebe_de_lune: Seeking new LJ friends

I am 31, living in Ohio on my own with my 3 cats (Luna, Winter, and Cheese) and currently struggling with extreme social phobia issues (sometimes it may look like agoraphobia when I barely leave my house). I am quite melancholy at times and a tad misanthropic. I deal with depression and anxiety. Am diagnosed bipolar and more than likely have avoidant personality disorder. I'd be asking for more friends from addme_sane but not many new people post there anymore. Would just love some people to talk to!

My interests include *but I rarely get to do much when I end up with a few dollars to my name each month and am too afraid to go outside*:

* Crafting/Up-cycling (I mostly pin stuff in Pinterest lately that I wish I could do)
* Obsess over my cats (and plan to move again in a year or so into a bigger place to "catify" for them)
* Faeries/Mermaids/Elves (mythical beings)
* Paganism (though sometimes I have atheistic/nihilistic tendencies in my thoughts)
* Letter writing (pen pals etc)
* Dreams (I have a journal dedicated to them)
* Music (from Disturbed to Imogen Heap to Ellie Goulding to A Perfect Circle -- just in general A LOT)
* Cooking/food/foodie (I <3 pinning food stuff on Pinterest as well)
* Exotic animals and pro-private ownership (I hope to someday own a capuchin monkey)
* Reading when I can (mostly non-fiction)

Check my list of interests for more and I have my GoodReads profile linked to here, so you can see what books I have read or am reading!

Fri, Jun. 29th, 2012, 04:27 am
jessycubed: Anyone home?

Nobody has posted in a year? Does anyone read this anymore?

If you could use a good friend on your flist, please consider me.

I'm crazy, schizoaffective bipolar type with possible PTSD. And other things.
I'm medicated and the drugs are working.
I am shy and find it hard to make friends.. Real or online.

I write about my fight to get better
Going back to school for computer programming soon
Dyeing my hair odd colors
Remodeling my home
Past memories
Making good memories with my boyfriend and his friends (two are our roommates)
Plants, I want to have a greenhouse space eventually

Fri, Apr. 8th, 2011, 09:43 am
anthropicnote: (no subject)


Sun, Dec. 5th, 2010, 08:12 pm
little_talks: (no subject)

I’m not very good at selling myself but, as with everything I do, I will give it my best shot.

I have been on a six month hiatus on this account.  I’m back now, but my f-list is quiet so I’m hoping to add some like-minded people.

I can’t live without music in my life and will give most things a go as long as it’s not too hardcore... my ears are a little too delicate for that. My current obsessions are Florence and the Machine, Mumford and Sons and Marcy Playground. I’m always on the look out for something new to listen to.

I enjoy woodwork, so from time to time I may post pictures of something I have made.

I enjoy watching movies and my favourite genre is horror. I like to watch medical programs, QI, Merlin, Supernatural, Casualty, Holby City, Never Mind the Buzzcocks and EastEnders... to name but a few.

I’m friendly, honest, slightly mad, a bit ditzy, easily distracted and crap at commenting, but always read and at times I have poor concentration.

I’m interested in mental health issues. I suffer with a few, am a service user of a local mental health charity, and have been a trustee for the last three years.

Oh bollox I can’t do this. If you want to know any-more, just take a look at my profile. I’m sure you will  won’t be disappointed.

Sun, Sep. 19th, 2010, 11:11 pm
suburbanitespy: Hxcore Cross Post

My name is Paul, an innocuous name but I hate it all the same, not that anyone gives a fuck about that. I'm 29, English, an apathetic atheist and a dedicated literature freak. Being unemployed due to mental health issues, I spend most of my time indoors; reading. writing, watching countless movies and  masturbating   playing guitar. Signed into messenger almost 24/7 and often available to talk should anyone feel the need for the company of a relative stranger, so feel free to add me on there (as long as you aren't a teenager or incapable of carrying out a intelligent conversation).

My friends list is small and I like it that way; I only keep people who I form relationships with or get to know - that doesn't mean I'm a comment whore, or that I comment very much, but I do prefer for friend to actually mean friend.

I'm not politically aligned, but I hate the liberal agenda as much as I hate the right-wing agenda, so I guess that would give me slightly socialist leanings BUT I WILL NOT BE PIGEON-HOLED!

One of my current LJ friends, before seeing a photo of me, had envisioned me as a combination of Charles Manson and the cast of Trainspotting (drug use is a concurrent theme in my life). She seems to be of the opinion that I'm a heartless sociopath, but she sticks with me all the same. Fuck, I hope she's wrong!

Music: Queens of the Stone Age, Elliott Smith, Tool, Skunk Anansie - I have very eclectic tastes though.

Movies: Jim Jarmusch's Dead Man, Apocalypse Now, Good Will Hunting (mostly out of sentimentality), City of God

Books: Perdido Street Station by China Mieville, The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks, Notes from Underground/Demons by Dostoevsky

Please comment on here or on my friends only post if you're going to add me, otherwise it's unlikely that I'll add you back.

Mandy, if you read this, sorry about that whole 'masturbating' thing. =P

Fri, Sep. 3rd, 2010, 01:05 am
jenn_cant_dance: hi!

I'm Jenn. I'm twenty-five. I have Bipolar and BPD. I self-medicate. I'm also a college graduate with a job I love (too much) and a cat I adore.

I love grammar and the art of syntax, but not to the extent that I become a social pariah. I like manners and getting along with people even more :)

I love music. I am a music-nerd, but I am not a music-snob. I love Whiskey & Co. as much as I love Ke$ha.

I basically post three kinds of entries: Funny, intelligent rants; pictures of my cat; and ramblings about what I will call "mental health episodes".

I want new friends who do or don't share my interests and experiences. Everyone is welcome :)

Wed, Sep. 1st, 2010, 01:55 am
starshyne13: Females Only.

If multiple entries in a day, picture posts, or talk of mood swings/depression are things you find annoying, you should -not- add me.

I'm 24, married, bisexual, and have an almost 4 year old son.
I don't claim to be any stereotype, and don't often care for people that do.
I'm just being me and I like what I like, which tends to be quite different without effort.
I am like an ocd hermit, with generalized anxiety, dorky obsessions, and fun colored hair [although sadly enough not at the moment].
A morbidly cute doll, with a rollercoaster of emotions, an off sense of humor, and star accessories that match.
I seem to clash with 90% of other people in this world, so I spend most of my time being left behind by others.
I don't know why that is. Really, I don't.

Sense January 2010 I’ve been keeping a 365 journal. Sometimes I skip a day or so and then post multiple days at once, I have yet to completely skip an entry.
I post about life, and general day to day stuff, but I try not to make it -all- I do. I have frequent mood swings and suffer from depression, I keep a lot of that out of my journal, but it is there sometimes.
I also try to keep it slightly more interesting and post book reviews and recipes [Mostly of smoothies and sweets].

Seeking more than just “people on live journal”.
Prefer people that actually have something to say and use more than 5 words to say it.
I don't hesitate to delete lurkers, but I'll give any girls a fair chance.
I comment you, you comment me, it's just good manners.
It doesn’t mean I expect one on every last entry.

Wed, Aug. 25th, 2010, 08:37 pm
the_silent_army: Shane

Hi, I'm Shane. I'm 24 and male, looking for a job right now, trying to sort out my life post-major relationship transformed into long distance, growing sour relationship, as well as post-financial crisis.

Specific for this community, I have issues with amphetamines that come and go and have had a history of taking hallucinogens. Ideally, I would not use drugs at all. I didn't for a long time, but lately... Things aren't going so well. I have been known to have anger issues at times that result in punching myself, walls, throwing things, and all that jazz, but never violent towards people -- I try to control all this. Otherwise, that's about it. No bi-polar, no OCD, no anxiety disorders, no dissociative disorders, but of course, there is a bit of old fashioned, unmedicated depression -- at least not officially medicated or on any consistent basis. And there are definitely sleep issues. No psychosis -- not even on drugs do I really lose my sense of understanding reality, at least not often. Delusions, no. Hallucinations, only as a result of no sleep/drugs. I was a psychology student, so interesting minds interest me.

I'm interested in trying out adding whoever would be interested in being my friend I guess (because that's all adding people from addme communities is, a trial), but I'm particularly interested in meeting somewhat local friends. As such, I live in the San Antonio, Texas area. I often go up to Austin and have a lot of friends in San Marcos and New Braunfels, and various smaller towns between. If you want to try being friends, let me know, but especially if you're familiar with any of those towns.

I like a lot of music, but mostly I like first wave screamo and early emotive hardcore, indie rock (particularly older albums by the band Modest Mouse), and various EDM (Electronic Dance Music) genres. I grew up on hardcore/punk, though my musical taste is a lot more diverse now.

I'm a liberal, but I'm not a hippie or a bleeding heart. I'm an ex-idealist who has fallen into cynicism -- an ex-radical socialist who now is pretty sure that mankind is just fucked and I have no idea what the long term, ultimate solution is. I do know that if capitalism is to persist, it should be limited, checked, and regulated, and some form of state/established body of people should utilize taxes to fund social programs that enhance the quality of society. Lately, I lean towards balance and Centrism. Social democracy sounds good to me, if libertarian socialism is just too flawed an ideal to actually work out. I realize there is much to learn from capitalism, just as there is much to learn from socialism. An extreme of either is probably a bad idea. All that said, I don't write about politics all the time. That just gives you a good idea about where my mind has been.

I'm an Atheist, and I am a very firm in my knowledge that there is no such thing as any god. I believe in science and logic. I will not be afraid to say this in my personal journal, and while I don't care what you believe, if you have a problem with reading of my atheism from time to time, you may have a problem adding me.

Let me say that I have no expectations of you to align with my music, my ideas about religion, or my politics, though it could be cool if you did. No one I know really likes half of my music and if the country were to erupt in civil war, it is likely that my best friend and I would be on different sides. So... As long as you can tolerate my ideas, you're good. I can tolerate yours -- most likely. I'm very open minded, but you probably have to be somewhat open minded (and certainly not uptight) in order to not be offended by me.

When I was in school, I studied psychology with a minor in writing. I classify as a junior, but I didn't finish and I'm not currently enrolled because I am poor and have financial issues that interfere with focusing on school. It would be nice if one day I could finish school. I'm very scholarly and academic, despite this.

I like anime, RPGs, and nerdy stuff like that.

I'm trying to lose weight I gained while living with the girl. Making a bit of progress, but not quite there.

I always write with complete sentences, proper spelling and grammar -- typos aside. I sometimes consider myself an artist of words. Occasionally I post poetics, but not too commonly.

I'm very honest and for real on my journal, though it is just about exclusively friends only these days with occasional exception.

three recent picturesCollapse )

And there you go. That's me.

Wed, Aug. 25th, 2010, 11:37 am
neon_apotheosis: Uhmmm...yeah!

Just thought I'd try and garner a few new eljay friends here, as I'm a bit short of them at the moment.

Basically I'm a bit of a geek, a vegan, a wannabe anarchist and a recovering psychotic.

Check out my profile, and if we have some matching interests add me!


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