Add Me Mad

Where the crazy go to made friends

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The add_me_mad community is for mad people to get to know each other.

We dont want sanity here. We're all crazeeee and proud of it.

This is a community for people to make friends with similar interests or experiences of mental health.


  • Community Promotions are not allowed in add_me_mad and will be deleted without warning. If you want to promote your community try community_promo.

  • This is for advertising to make new friends so please dont treat it like your personal journal. By all means tell us a little about yourself but we dont want to know what you had for dinner or how great sex with your dog was.

  • Absolutely no quizzes or meme's

  • No angsty poetry

  • and most importantly of all - BE NICE TO EACH OTHER

More rules will be added when i can think of some.

For support and a bit of Mad Pride and still no angsty poetry, join our sister community mad_n_glad